Bee Balanced Therapies is passionate about helping your employees to feel and perform their best.

Our team of experts thrives on sharing practical skills that help people to stay healthy and happy.

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We are eager to help you solve the puzzle of creating and maintaining effective workplace wellness programs.

Through our collaboration, Bee Balanced Therapies is committed to helping businesses find and maintain the status of being a sought-out workplace.

Our on-site wellness initiatives will solve several issues including:

  • Improving overall office morale
  • Retaining key employees
  • Attracting top-tier talent
  • Increasing the value of benefits packages
  • and more!

Bee Balanced Therapies is a collaboration of people helping people, which is why we are unique in today’s world. We know that these wellness programs can be most effective when the element of human interaction is at the forefront of the program.

We take a strong and sincere interest in knowing your employees, and in getting them actively involved in their own health and well-being. We are here to motivate, to help de-stress and to make people smile.

We truly want to affect positive change for as many people as possible and are committed to going above and beyond to get an understanding of your employees’ needs directly from upper staff and management.

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Workplace Yoga + Mindfulness

Introduce peace & mindfulness into your workforce.

Our Workplace Yoga classes are the perfect solution for corporate teams that need a mental, physical and spiritual boost.

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Workplace Massage

Help your employees feel better throughout the week.

Boost morale + reduce stress with on-site massage options.

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Workplace Acupuncture

Increase the overall health of the people who work for you.

Our Workplace Acupuncture sessions are the perfect way to encourage peace and calmness, while reducing pain.

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We want healthier and happier employees.

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